Why Hire Remotely

The majority of the companies this day have at least workers who are working remotely. In the modern-day life what appeared to be difficult in the earlier day has now been made easier because of technology.

Communication had been a significant challenge for business over a long period, but with the latest high tech inventories. Companies are embracing the idea of hiring remote workers.

Even though hiring remotely also poses its set challenges. For instance, employers sometimes are unable to have sound communication systems in place to reach all their workers in a remote area.

Besides, the issue of training new remote workers may pose a challenge since they are not all present at the same place like in an office. Moreover, employees from different geographical location may have different time zone and holidays that may conflict with the employers’ schedule.

Furthermore, employers are forced to depend on human trust, and they have nothing they can do if the trust fails. Unlike in an office where you can supervise your work and ensure all is well.

However, that being said companies that are embracing this idea are ripping big. For companies still in startup stages, hiring remote workers can be very beneficial to them.as they can cut cost and broaden their network across the world. 

However, many companies are now employing remote workers and they are very passionate about it. Based on several reports, the trend is going to continue growing as we are going to find out the reason why companies should hire remotely in the 21st century.

Apart from having a larger pool of talent, the following eight reasons explain why it is right to hire remote workers.

1. Getting talent is not location dependent

Hiring talent before was based on an individual making a physical appearance at the office. Nowadays you can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world. With the advancement in communication technology, everything seems to be possible. You can even create an artificial office environment to make your employees feel they part of the company and get that feeling that comes with working in an office. Thereby employers can maintain their company culture.

It is quite refreshing when you think about being able to bring people from different corners of the world and work together, having the same vision and goals. Having this kind of a strong team and maintaining clear communication with each other over the phone video chat, messenger etc. Most employers’ will still have a sense of command despite the distance.

2. Remote hiring attract self-driven workers

Many people don’t take it seriously; they are under the assumption that the applicants have failed to secure jobs through the traditional job application process. But for people who are keen with their work, they still follow the due interviewing process and make applications. That will demonstrate their passion for work, knowledge about the field they are interested, and their communication skills.

From experience most of the companies that have hired remote worker, they start harvesting the benefits even before interviewing the employees. In most cases, you might also have come across some of their works via twitter: mobile apps and many other online platforms. Quite often, remote workers make the first impression through their work and then get interviewed later.

It should not come as a surprise to most people anyone who can work remotely and manage to have an impact worth noting. That is the kind of an employee every employer out there will be yearn to have in his team

3 having a limitless talent pool

Some industries find themselves located in a handful of cities mainly because they go out searching for talent. A good example is the tech industry; for example, Silicon Valley is well known to demand a high salary and office space cost. For companies starting up they have to rethink about the cost of running a business in such a place.

The options available for these companies are for them to hire remote workers worldwide. If they happen to make an excellent hire, they can get a worker who shares their company value and willing to go above board to better the organization.

4. Having a team with a different perspective

Having remote workers on your side that works from different location and culture across the world bring variety into your team. Having this kind of diversity in a company, enables organizations find unique solutions to problems in the shortest time. Moreover, businesses can reach out to a broader audience. 

For example, for most multinational companies for them to penetrate the market in a certain region, they require specific information from those regions. To come up with a product that will be acceptable to the people. Hence having a remote worker in some of this region will give the business an upper hand in understanding the market dynamics.

5 Ability to have people working in a different time zone

Having a remote worker who can work around the clock means that someone will always be there to work. For instance, to update social media, respond to client’s queries, work on cases, and anything else that might need your attention at all hours of the day. Your team could also potentially work around the clock, so production never stops. While different time zones require careful scheduling, the benefits can lead to excellent customer satisfaction.

6. cost-effective to both employer and employees

We all know what it takes to acquire land and office space. The high rates of getting office space and the steady incline in real estate prices over the years. Finding office space these days is difficult moreover it’s quite expensive even in the smaller towns. 

Over time the trend has been to get an office in the business hub area, and the office space in place is too high non-negotiable. Even in small towns office space costs continues to rise.  Why should companies continue to spend while they can hire remote workers to save on cost? At the same time, your employees will benefit since they won’t have to pay high rents to live in the city unless they like to.

Workers save money, as well as reducing the cost of  commuting for employees not only takes the strain off their wallet but also frees up the time that they would otherwise spend traveling to and from work

Moreover based on finding by some organization the remote worker is more productive than the traditional office workers

7. Increased productivity

Workers can find space where they are most productive, and in the end, increase the richness of the business. Sometime worker may feel uncomfortable working in an office, and they are free to choose a place they feel more comfortable and continue being resourceful. Commuting to work waste a lot of time for employees and they get to work stressed unable to deliver effectively after being stuck in traffic and noise for an extended period.

When you have workers who are stress-free, healthier and happy increases their productivity. According to PGi report, 82%of remote workers have reduced stress levels and increased morale to work boosting production

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report, employees who work remotely 60 to 80 percent agree that they make more progress in their workday away from the workplace.

When you make your observation, you will realize there are a lot of destructions at the office place. Most of the times, the energy to drive production is wasted on activities that are not result-oriented making it difficult for some worker to concentrate.

While remote working practices gives employers to choose the right time to work when they are most comfortable and away from destruction. Thereby increasing productivity

8. Increased employee happiness and retention

Companies that are employing remote worker have a high tendency to retain their work for a longer duration. When employees are happy, they tend to keep their jobs, and that is what remote working is all about. Here are some of the offers remote worker gets.

•    Go wherever you want while earning

•    More time with the people who matter like family and friends

•    Improves the quality of life

•    Saves time and money

Hiring remote workers not only removes the obstacles that come with the traditional profession. But it also shows that the company values and trusts the people they are working with, and it creates a sense of ownership.