Top 15 Remote Work Jobs of 2019

Top 15 remote work jobs 2019

Almost everybody is looking for remote jobs these days. The reason being, many people, no longer want to spend long hours commuting to get to work. Besides sacrificing their time to be with family and being embroidered in routine boring office politics according to new findings from several labor watchdog organizations. Today’s business dynamics are embracing telecommuting at an increasing rate. Besides, it does not seem to stop there, Buts it’s the futures of doing business as we continue to advance. However, some few questions have been raised, for example, what are remote jobs and why look for remote jobs.

Remote jobs are the kind of jobs employees can perform them away from the office environment, either at home or some other place. Being a great supporter of remote jobs, I am going to outline some of the best remote jobs for 2019.

1. Freelance writing

Online writing is one of the remote working jobs that have grown in the last decade. There several online writing platforms available where writers can join and give their publications. The pay depends on one’s profession and usually writers who have defined their writing niche get highly paid. Moreover, it all depends on how one markets and networks himself. Either by having websites and linking addresses to their activities. On average the pay is about 55000USD

2. System administrator

This is for those people who have a good background in engineering and information technology, with experience in operating systems. It is another area to explore where they can work as a system administrator remotely. Solving issues such as software updates, performance monitoring. Database checks and usability problem all come under system administration, and they can handle them away from the office.

Most of the system administration job can be accessed on platforms like Flex jobs etc. the average income is about $80000per year

3. Technical customer support

This job is one of the most common remote jobs you will come across. Majority of the customers when they are new to something they have a lot of queries, and they require answers. Most companies are now employing customer care representative who works remotely communicating with the customer over the phone and other digital platforms from their own houses. In fact, for students looking for part-time jobs, this is an excellent opportunity for them.

Some of the companies like Amazon, Kelly connect, and Hilton have these jobs available, and the Average Income is around $38000.

4. Blogging

The number of bloggers is increasing drastically, and it is estimated by the year 2020, the world will have about 31 million bloggers. It is quite refreshing for bloggers as they can share their passion through writing while in the comfort of their home and continue to earn fulltime income.

Income from blogging widely varies, but for most blogger, they get to increase their earnings as time goes by.

5. Transcribing jobs

Lately, almost all transcription companies employ remote transcribers; due to the flexibility of the working situation, even beginners are hired. However, there are different types of transcription jobs, and they pay differently but slightly lower pays. Some of the companies are transcribeME, Scribie and GMR transcription 

But for medical transcription, the income is slightly higher at around $55000.per year

6. Editorial Jobs

Proofreading and editing jobs are quite common online this days, although editing and proofreading are different they are some of the job opportunities companies are employing workers in the telecommuting industry. While being an editor require one to have higher skills and a keen eye on detail and experience for one to work remotely.

Some of the companies which are employing editors working from home include Edit fast, Scribendi, cactuglobal, etc.

The salary scale for editors is around $60000 per year.

7. Translation jobs

Today’s global world we are witnessing a lot of changes and people moving from places to places and language barriers can be a hindrance to doing business. Many companies are now employing translators who work remotely to translate either English to Chinese or other languages to make transaction possible.

Companies, where you will find a translation job, include VerbalizeIt, Text Master, Gengo,  Language Line. Translators have to undergo some test to confirm  if they are eligible to become translators

The average income in this field is about $71000 per year.

8. Graphic designing jobs

It is another area that attracts a high demand for remote jobs if you are the creative type of person. With a degree or diplomas in graphic design, this is an excellent opportunity for you to explore since many companies require graphic designer willing to work remotely. For example, having basic knowledge in web design, HTML/CSS Adobe, and other designing software’s is an added advantage. You can find the jobs advertised on smashing magazine. Authentic jobs also on a freelancing platform like Fiverr, up work, and 99designs.

The average income for a remote graphic designer is around $46000.

9. Social media consultant

Individual with excellent marketing skills and knowing social media can work remotely as a social media consultant. The job mainly involves media marketing, talking to customers to enhance the company’s presence. Running campaigns to promote products online.

The situation does not necessarily require one to have a strong education background, but those with a qualification in marketing and public relations are well suited for this job

The average income $25000 per year

10. Sales Representative

These remote job again attracts a very high in-demand, many companies are out to sell their product and services. The companies require sales rep, either inbound or outbound sales. You will find these jobs advertised everywhere on billboards.

Sales representatives working remotely’ assist businesses in selling products or services. Also, taking care of customer complaints and issues. Working as a sales rep requires a lot of knowledge and experience in marketing and selling. A sale rep should have reliable negotiating power and time management skill to meet specific sales target 

Average Income – Average salary of a remote sales rep is $59,000 a year.

11. Virtual Assistant

There are many industries these days that require a visual assistant to help them with office administrative work. Ranging from email management, social media scheduling, content creation taking call and proofreading, etc. and all these duties can be handled from home quite easily.

The job does not require advanced skills to begin, but just a simple background on the jobs role and services that you offer and the price. Then you are set to start being your own boss

The average salary for Visual assistant is around 22000 per year

12. ESL Tutors

Teaching as seen many changes in the recent days. We have people teaching remotely simple English to foreigners especially to the Chinese and Japanese kids interested in having English as their second language (ESL)

Making ESL teaching the next big thing, for people who want to make money working from their own homes. The popularity of these jobs is being seen as a benefit to stay at home mums who are now able to earn money while at home.

Some of the companies that offer ESL include VIPKID, HAWO, ABC, etc. The average income is around $22000 to 436000 per year.

13. Travel Agent

Many of the travelers around the world want their travel experiences quite memorable and fulfilling. But they lack time to plant for their travel. Travel agents working from home come in handy to solve the problem they will get you all the details about your trip from booking tickets hotel arrangement.

To become a travel agent, you are required to have a good understanding of the destinations, deals, and flights and excellent customer care skill. Only then you are good to go for this job.

You can start your travel agency or work for companies like World Travel Holdings, Hilton, Marriott, Carnival Cruise Lines, etc.

Average income $54,000

14. Software Engineering jobs

As a Software Engineer, you might be working remotely on different platforms connecting the client’s needs to the product, but the necessary foundation, knows computer programming.

More technical jobs are gaining popularity in telecommuting, and a lot of the current software improvements are made by people working remotely.

Most companies hire people with knowledge in python, DQL, JavaScript with experience in cloud-based systems and automated systems. Example of companies like Toptal, Hotjar, Github

The average income for a software engineer is around $106000 per year.

15 Developers

To a layman, developers and software engineering means the same thing. However, they are different developers are more involved in carrying out research and developing new products to fit the latest trends.

The individuals interested in this field should demonstrate excellent leadership and communication skills. To warrant them a chance since they are required to provide technical guidance for the whole process involved in designing new products and software.

The average income ranges from $101000 and above


If you have the required qualification for the above jobs, you are free to pick on any and start earning money from home. However, before choosing to work from home, think about what is best for you since it’s not everyone’s cup of coffee.

Hoping that you find the best job that suits your preferences this year!